MMX Bolt A069 Launched

Micromax is continually dilating its corporate with the launch of novel digital devices amalgamated with notable features. It has recently captured the market with the launch of its new highly alluring device Micromax Bolt A069 which is the latest from Bolt series. The elite smartphone is enrolled in the market and in the company’s official website and has been competitively tagged in the price range of Rs 5k. The smartphone is adorned with multiple astounding features and commendable specifications which makes it worth the purchase at such an attractive price.

Micromax Bolt A069

Micromax Bolt A069 annexes a 5 inch humble display with a screen resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. It offers an easy navigation across its unflustered capacitive LCD multi-touch screen. So keep your fingers rest and save it from typing. Enjoy navigating the tips across the screen and ease your work with Micromax Bolt A069. It runs on the advanced Android 4.4 KitKat and spectacularly supports 20 different regional languages. Thus it lets users from each and every corner of the nation to access the functionality and features of the phone in the language of their choice. Another interesting feature of this fabulous economical device is 1.3 GHZ dual core processor coupled with RAM of 512 MB which shall inevitable bolster the working of the device discarding any disruptions and hence promotes comfort of performance.

In terms of storage and camera the phone stands modest and pretty noticeable. It has an internal storage of 4 GB and comes with a microSD card slot that allows expansion of the memory up to 32 GB. The camera is decked up with 5MP fixed focus camera accentuated with LED flash and a VGA front facing camera. You now take pleasure on clicking amazing pictures with Micromax Bolt A069. Connectivity features of the device are also pretty appreciable as it offers Bluetooth for transferring all the necessary files and folders. Wi-Fi, 2G Edge and microUSD port also serve the connectivity features of this newly launched device. The phone optimizes power management by providing 1800 mAh battery. It definitely works well to support unperturbed calling hours up to 7 hours talk time and 210 hours standby. You can also get far better performance, by rooting Micromax Bolt A069 using apps like vRoot or Framaroot, etc.

Micromax Bolt A190 has not left any stone unturned in the field of gaming and it offers number youth centric applications and pre-loaded games. Some of the pre-loaded apps in the device include Reverie Smartpad, MAD, Hike, M! Live, Kingsoft Office and many more. The Zombie Smasher and Bounce ball classic are some of the other fascinating games preloaded in this fabulous device that will keep you glued to it like an addict. Apart from the specifications and enticing features, Micromax Bolt A069 is available in different colors including Raging Red, Tranquil Green, Pristine White, Pure Grey and Mellow Yellow. So don’t waste a minute more but get yourself enrolled among the buyers of this gorgeous device and flaunt it everywhere as it is available at an extremely affordable price making it even more attractive.

Do not forget to check out some stunning games for your Micromax Bolt device on Google play store. The best place to buy such device is Flipkart or Amazon. We recommend checking out the coupon codes for for the best competitive price. Let us know if you come across any better deal.

How To View Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer 9

These days, you can find a very useful tool that allows users to view and even backup the passwords saved in Internet Explorer 9. If you also want to use this tool, you should know that the first thing that you must do is to download and install it. By doing so, you can actually view all the passwords and usernames that you have in Internet Explorer 9.

After viewing the usernames and passwords, you can select the ones which you want to save and click the save button from the toolbar. This option also gives you the chance to save the passwords in different formats, including Text, XML and HTML.

View Saved Passwords Internet Explorer 9

How You Can See the Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer 9

If you intend to view any of your saved passwords in Internet Explorer 9, it is important to know that you are not able to see the passwords directly from this browser. However, if you need to get access the saved passwords, you can actually install the additional program, which is able to help you read any Internet Explorer passwords. What this program actually does is to get the information that you need from the browser and display it in plain text.

A Few Important Considerations

A very essential thing that you should bear in mind is the fact that using a third-party tool that helps you retrieve a saved password from Internet Explorer 9 might allow a hacker to find all the saved passwords. This is the reason why most antivirus programs usually emit a warning about installing such tools. Therefore, even though this program might save your life when you need a password, its use can actually bring along a lot of problems.

However, if you still want to use this program, you must find out more details about it. Thus, the first thing that you should know about this small utility is the fact that it wears the name of IE PassView. Additionally, the purpose of this tool is to allow people to retrieve any lost passwords from Internet Explorer 9 and even delete the passwords that they do not need anymore. As well, you should be aware of the fact that it supports all the versions of the IE browser, from 4.0 to 9.0. Every single password that you can find with the help of IE PassView comes along with different details, including the type of the password, web address, storage location and the username pair. Furthermore, if you want to export the items from the list that is provided by IE PassView, you can use any of the XML/CVS/HTML/TEXT options.

These days, you can find IE PassView available on different websites. Most of these websites allow you to download and install the program for free. Do not forget that during the installation process, you might get a threat warning from your antivirus program. Obviously, if you want to continue the installation of this program, you must ignore the warnings and press the “run” tab. After you have installed and run the program, IE PassView will display all the saved passwords in Internet Explorer 9.